Saturday, April 9, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 8, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Go ahead!’DOIT
‘Pay attention!’LISTEN
‘Regrettably …’ALAS
‘___ move on!’GETA
Actress who played the mother in the TV series ‘Lassie’ and ‘Lost in Space’JUNELOCKHART
Actress who portrayed Don Draper’s ex on ‘Mad Men’JANUARYJONES
Arcade game pioneerATARI
Around, in datingCIRCA
Baseball family nameALOU
Beat soundlyCREAM
Bounce around a canyon, sayREECHO
Bruce Willis’s costar in ‘Color of Night’JANEMARCH
Bushy hairdoAFRO
Call from homeOUT
Cameron who voiced Fiona in ‘Shrek’DIAZ
Car dealer’s offeringLEASE
Celtic landERIN
Court clownJESTER
Diarist AnaïsNIN
Either twin on ‘Full House’OLSEN
Fingered, brieflyIDED
Gets closerDRAWSNEAR
Go smoothlySAIL
Gradually disappearFADE
Guitar accessoryCAPO
Hacienda roomSALA
Had staying powerLASTED
Hardly rareBURNT
In the pastAGO
It might be stolen on a diamondBASE
Its capital is KathmanduNEPAL
Ivy in New HavenYALE
Journalist PaulaZAHN
Lizard seen on insurance commercialsGECKO
Loafs on the jobDOGSIT
Memo openerINRE
Mike Nichols’s comedy partnerELAINEMAY
Mince words?EDIT
Mined matterORE
Monthly paymentRENT
Mozart contemporary called the ‘Father of the Symphony’HAYDN
Obey a sign on an entrance rampYIELD
One might be compactDISC
One-named Irish New Age singerENYA
Open to everyonePUBLIC
Oration stationsPODIA
Pilgrimage to MeccaHADJ
Popular kid’s sandwich, for shortPBANDJ
Prepare for battleARM
Puts two and two togetherADDS
Quick maneuver designed to deceiveFEINT
Sale tag wordsASIS
Shady businessRACKET
Site of Goodyear headquarters in OhioAKRON
Slightly openAJAR
Society page wordNEE
States with authorityMAINTAINS
Stevenson who lost twice to EisenhowerADLAI
Stop workingDIE
Suffix with dietETIC
Survey option, at timesOTHER
Take as one’s ownADOPT
Take into custodyARREST
Take ___ (chance it)ARISK
Uncorking soundPOP
Use for sustenanceFEEDON
Veronica of ‘Hill Street Blues’HAMEL
Zellweger of ‘Chicago’RENEE
___ aboutONOR

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