Monday, April 4, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 3, 2016

‘Moonstruck’ actor VincentGARDENIA
‘Ships of the desert’CAMELS
‘Tightrope’ singer JanelleMONAE
‘Well, I’m really surprised!’IMAGINETHAT
50th state birdNENE
Advertiser’s phraseALLNEW
Airport lineupCABS
Back to normal time, musicallyATEMPO
Beer marketed as ‘the National Beer of Texas’LONESTAR
Breezy burstGUST
Cell transmittersNEURONS
Certain photo captionAFTER
Certain Pulitzer Prize winner, possiblyACEREPORTER
Chaotic scufflesMELEES
Charge to those who derive direct benefitUSERSFEE
Citation abbrETAL
Clandestine signalPSST
Common coll. degreesBSS
Delivery assistEPIDURAL
Dogs often locate themSCENTS
Domestic courseHOMEEC
Drew forthEDUCED
Easy victoryROMP
Electropositive elementCESIUM
Emits forcefullySPEWS
Engrossed withINTO
Feudal stateSERFDOM
Gestures a farewellWAVESBYE
Gunner’s stationTURRET
Hanukkah fareLATKES
Hippolyta’s sireARES
Huck, to TomPAL
Instrument for a Marx brotherHARP
It’s just like E in musicFFLAT
Juice bar purchaseLIMEADE
Kick it ___ notchUPA
Like many a play at first baseBANGBANG
Little scrapSPAT
Lose a senseGODEAF
Luzon battle siteBATAAN
Melonlike fruitPAPAW
Most overusedTRITEST
Most saccharineSWEETEST
Novelist Zora ___ HurstonNEALE
Person without a light?NONSMOKER
Printer brandEPSON
Professional group (abbr.)ASSN
Prohibition-supporting orgWCTU
Revokes, as a legacyADEEMS
Running right through midfield, in football slangUPTHEGUT
Second Amendment supporter (abbr.)NRA
Shady street’s nameELM
Singer Joey or KikiDEE
Small sapling, e.gTREELET
Soccer phenom FreddyADU
Social media phenomenonMEME
Spanish 101 wordERES
Specify the maximum or minimum allowedSETALIMIT
Square-jawed poochBULLDOG
Swiss riverORBE
Volcanic scoriaSLAG
When American elections are usually heldTUESDAYS
Where to find a wakeASTERN
With everyone agreeingASONEMAN
Worrisome microorganisms, for someGERMS
___-di-dah (pretentious)LAH

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