Monday, April 4, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 4, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ subjectLYNN
‘Xanadu’ rock bandELO
‘You’ve crossed the line, bucko!’ITSON
‘___ darn tootin’!’YER
‘___ for Murder’DIALM
‘___ Theme’ (‘Doctor Zhivago’ melody)LARAS
1981 James Bond filmFORYOUREYESONLY
1986 Tom Cruise blockbusterTOPGUN
Ancient Indo-European tribeARYANS
Asian New Year celebrationTET
Beast with a beardGNU
Certain reed playersOBOISTS
Chip materialSILICON
College course schedulesSYLLABI
Crew pieceOAR
Cries of disgustUGHS
Daiquiri ingredientRUM
Defensive footballerEND
DJ Snake/Lil Jon hit singleTURNDOWNFORWHAT
Double Stuf cookie brandOREO
Drops in temperatureCOOLS
Dwellings for some shipwreck survivorsHUTS
Environmentally friendlyGREEN
Ethnic hairdo, informallyFRO
Fabergé treasureEGG
Farm horsesDOBBINS
Fascinated byINTO
Ferocious outburstROAR
Fits of piqueIRES
Gainsborough portrait figureBLUEBOY
Garden buildingSHED
Greet from afarWAVETO
Haiku, e.gPOEM
Has the final wordSAYSSO
Home to Huntsville (abbr.)ALA
Jane Austen title heroineEMMA
Jazz genreBOP
Jewelry repair materialSOLDER
Kir ___ (champagne cocktail)ROYALE
Late baseball great BerraYOGI
Like some discount textbooksUSED
Loch famed for its monsterNESS
Martha who sang with the VandellasREEVES
Orange tuberYAM
Pakistani’s languageURDU
Palindromic kitchenware brandOXO
Part of modern tennis historyOPENERA
Petro-Canada competitorESSO
Pro Bowl officialREF
Pub pintALE
Pub. house staffersEDS
Remain optimistic amid uncertaintyHOPEFORGOODNEWS
Remove with a ragWIPEUP
Response to a hilarious tweet, perhapsLOL
Rude glanceLEER
Serve with the ultimate sacrificeGIVEONESLIFEFOR
Sicilian sixSEI
Snowman in ‘Frozen’OLAF
Spring moAPR
Squeaked byMADEDO
Symbol of peaceDOVE
Trade showEXPO
Tribute in verseODE
TSA ___ (air travelers’ program)PRE
Turbulent, as seasROUGH
Vinegar trap victimGNAT
Weather vane siteROOF
Where Munch’s ‘The Scream’ hangsOSLO
Women’s links orgLPGA
Writer nicknamed ‘Old Possum’ by Ezra PoundTSELIOT

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