Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 5, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Gimme a break!’AWMAN
1945 conference siteYALTA
Alarmed cryEEK
Alarming way to go?APE
Allowed inADMITTED
Annoying spots?ACNE
As it happensLIVE
Bird with iridescent tail feathersPEACOCK
Birth certificate datumYEAR
Broken mirror, to someOMEN
Candy bar containing crisped riceNESTLECRUNCH
Champing at the bitEAGER
Chess piecesPAWNS
Conical shelterTEPEE
Cry for a picadorOLE
Cutter’s cousinSLOOP
Draped garmentSARI
Farm fractionACRE
Fasten securelySEAL
Figure on a tagPRICE
Finish upEND
Flow slowlySEEP
Former CBS forensic seriesCSI
Furtive summonsPSST
Gallic gal palAMIE
Garlicky garnishAIOLI
Good bud who may be regarded with some suspicionFRENEMY
Gourmet’s gastropodSNAIL
His NOLA restaurant is in the French QuarterEMERIL
Intensely devotedARDENT
Investor’s concernYIELD
iPhone downloadsAPPS
It’s used to store informationFLASHDRIVE
Jordan Spieth’s gpPGA
Learn aboutHEAR
Longest continental mountain rangeANDES
Longest river in FranceLOIRE
Male duckDRAKE
Meditative disciplineZEN
Molten rockLAVA
Oil industry prefixPETRO
One of two on the Botswana coat of armsZEBRA
Online shopping meccaEMALL
Pakistan neighborIRAN
Part of a stepRISER
Part of IPAALE
Performing groupsCASTS
Pertaining to beesAPIAN
Pie ___ modeALA
PIN requesterATM
Place for a pediSPA
Potatoes’ partnerMEAT
Provide with gearEQUIP
Put downLAY
Quaint prepositionERE
Regard as the sameEQUATE
Retro sign wordOLDE
Rustic-looking bag made with juteBURLAPSACK
Ship’s shorebound regimentLANDINGPARTY
Shoe partSOLE
Still in the packageNEW
Texas flag symbolLONESTAR
Thinly distributedSPARSE
Tiny branchTWIG
Tourist attractionSIGHT
Trees common in HawaiiPALMS
Trendy berryACAI
Troublemaking chipmunkALVIN
Website with restaurant reviewsYELP
Yale alumniELIS

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