Saturday, April 9, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 6, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’ songwriterDUKEELLINGTON
‘Evita’ characterCHE
‘___ From the Madding Crowd’FAR
1943 Bogart film set in LibyaSAHARA
1967 Van Morrison hitBROWNEYEDGIRL
Barely flowSEEP
Big day lead-insEVES
Big stinkADO
Bowen of ‘Modern Family’JULIE
Breakfast brand made into ‘treats’RICEKRISPIES
Capital of Western AustraliaPERTH
Carry too farOVERDO
City on the Colorado RiverYUMA
Colorful salon serviceDYEJOB
Could answerKNEW
Country star PaisleyBRAD
Creature on the Canadian dollarLOON
Do the trickWORK
Elite group of celebsALIST
Ellie Goulding’s ‘___ Me Like You Do’LOVE
Elsa’s sister in ‘Frozen’ANNA
Floor-cleaning robotROOMBA
Frank ___ WrightLLOYD
Frozen coatingRIME
Garlicky sub spreadAIOLI
Give the boot toOUST
Gooey massBLOB
Greek consonantsPHIS
Have comingEARN
Historic HunATTILA
How tablets are takenORALLY
Huge numberTRILLION
Jessica of the ‘Sin City’ filmsALBA
JFK postingETD
Junction pointNODE
Korbut or KurylenkoOLGA
Letters from a debtorIOU
Like Olympic yearsEVEN
Like some rags in a garageOILY
Literary detective WolfeNERO
Male swineBOAR
Marsupial with a backwards pouchWOMBAT
Meadow bleatsBAAS
Mom’s possible answer to ‘Why?’ISAIDSO
More offbeatKOOKIER
Move quicklyHIE
On the topic ofASTO
One of Donald’s nephewsLOUIE
Particle that’s not neutralION
PC key near ZALT
Portion (out)METE
Put up withABIDE
Quick raceDASH
Reason to daydream, maybeBOREDOM
Render worthlessVOID
Serengeti grazerZEBRA
Setting for the second Indiana Jones filmTEMPLEOFDOOM
Spanish province or its capitalTOLEDO
Start a Monopoly turnROLL
Take hold ofGRAB
Tankard brewALE
Tenochtitlán inhabitantAZTEC
To be, to BerliozETRE
Trojan War survivorAENEAS
Type inENTER
Unsophisticated personRUBE
Upgrade, as machineryRETOOL
Watch amorouslyOGLE
Where things heat upOVEN
Words before seed or bedGOTO
___ loop (skating move)TOE

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