Saturday, April 9, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 7, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘La ___ Bonita’ (Madonna chart-topper)ISLA
‘Raw’ or ‘burnt’ hueUMBER
‘Sonic Lost World’ game makerSEGA
‘Trading Spaces’ concernDECOR
‘Women and Love’ writer ShereHITE
24-hr. withdrawal deviceATM
57-Down venueARENA
Accessory for Dagwood or DilbertTIE
Arrived unexpectedlyBLEWIN
Baseball’s ‘Iron Man’ RipkenCAL
Behold boldlyOGLE
Blotting paper targetINK
Blue or pilot precederSKY
Bugs and Daffy, to SpeedyAMIGOS
Cab alternative in ParisMETRO
CBS drama with the theme song ‘Who Are You’CSI
Chairman visited by Nixon in 1972MAO
Chemical element in some whodunitsARSENIC
City famed for test-marketingPEORIA
Common cause for sick daysFLU
Cryptography creationsCODES
Customized item for an expressive driverVANITYPLATE
Devastating insultSLAM
Don Knotts won five as Barney FifeEMMYS
Early ScotsPICTS
Emma Roberts, to Julia RobertsNIECE
Faith fundamentTENET
Feature of some tour boats, and of the answers at 3-, 8-, and 24-DownGLASSBOTTOM
Feel nostalgic forMISS
Fighting fleetARMADA
Gets a giggle fromAMUSES
Happen afterwardENSUE
Hearing loss cause, at timesEARWAX
Historic chapterERA
Horned heavyweights, for shortRHINOS
Incubator insertEGG
Institute, as a statuteENACT
It may be sprinkled after a showerTALC
Item in a minstrel’s repertoireTUNE
Ivy Leaguers in New HavenELIS
Java with no joltDECAF
Let out a jetSQUIRTED
Like a sad letter after being read, maybeTEARSTAINED
Like Arctic Ocean watersICY
Locale in many a vampire filmTOMB
Male razorbackBOAR
Move like an amoebaOOZE
Network for telly watchersBBC
Owner of Nickelodeon and SpikeVIACOM
Pancake fried at HanukkahLATKE
Peak viewable from PaternòETNA
Performed perfectlyNAILED
Periscope pieceLENS
Poetic homageODE
Possessive for a pairOURS
Puma’s padLAIR
Puts a protective coat onANODIZES
Salami selectionGENOA
Score for a free throwONE
Server with a spigotURN
Share a viewpointAGREE
Show with riding and ropingRODEO
Sport whose top rank is yokozunaSUMO
Spray paint canAEROSOL
Straighten, as wheelsALIGN
Strait of Hormuz adjoinerIRAN
Suffix for humor or ArabESQUE
Syllable some sing while skippingTRA
Take to taskBERATE
Three-time film role for KeanuNEO
Toppers in dugoutsCAPS
Tubular pastaZITI
Turning overCEDING
Urged flatteringlyCOAXED
Whirling Warner Brothers toon, casuallyTAZ
Zodiac roarerLEO

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