Saturday, April 9, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 9, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Hey, you gotta play by the rules!’NOFAIR
‘My gosh’BYJOVE
‘Not gonna happen’NAH
‘Sons of ___’ (words in a Yale fight song)ELI
‘The disease of kings,’ associated with Henry VIIIGOUT
‘The Firebird’ composer StravinskyIGOR
‘What ___ can I say?’ELSE
‘You expect me to believe that?’IBET
Accusatory gp. during the McCarthy eraHUAC
Alexander who played Costanza on ‘Seinfeld’JASON
Bit of baby babblingDADA
Buyers find lots of themAUTOS
Chooses to participateOPTSIN
Cigar end?ETTE
Coffin-bearing structuresBIERS
Colonel Sanders facial featureGOATEE
Colorful bar order?PURPLEMARTINI
Cook by sautéing and simmeringBRAISE
Crossed (out)XED
Daisy ___ of DogpatchMAE
Does away with, Mafia-styleOFFS
Dynasty that began with Henry VIITUDOR
Ephron who wrote and directed ‘Julie & Julia’NORA
Farm machineREAPER
First name on the mystery shelfAGATHA
Françoise’s farewellADIEU
Gaelic tongueERSE
German carmakerOPEL
German destroyers of US shipsUBOATS
Hardly claustrophobicAIRY
Historic last wordsETTU
How a fat cat gets around his property?ESTATETAXI
Huskies’ burdensSLEDS
L.A. research centerUSC
Laudatory verseODE
Like a psychic’s senseSIXTH
Like words with friendsINFORMAL
List of optionsMENU
Lousy egg?NIT
Moonwalk movementSTEP
Not more thanATMOST
One moving at top speedRACER
Org. that might give you creditIRS
Parts of P.O. addressesSTS
Photo fixer-uppers, brieflyEDS
Positive response to a voice on an iPhone?YESSIRI
Russia is 40% of itEUROPE
Russian-born artist and costume designerERTE
Sal seen in ‘Exodus’MINEO
Salacious stareLEER
Self-important sortsSNOBS
Short on enthusiasmTEPID
Small, high-pitched fluteFIFE
Smart set?MENSA
Some simiansAPES
Spice used for curry powderCUMIN
Strength of a nation’s navySEAPOWER
Strong, as medicinePOTENT
Sure to haveINFOR
Surname in a 10-Down mysteryPOIROT
Temporary help from the bankLOAN
Thurmond who at times was a Democrat, Dixiecrat, and RepublicanSTROM
Tip, as a toqueDOFF
Title for Chester Nimitz and Hyman Rickover (abbr.)ADM
Tristan’s loveISOLDE
Williams wallop at WimbledonACE
With-it tribesman?HIPHOPI
Woman’s work attire?OFFICEMAXI

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