Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 18, 2016

Clues                    Answers
’60 Minutes’ veteran LesleySTAHL
‘Game of Thrones’ weaponAXE
‘It’s just ___ in the bucket’ADROP
‘Keeper of sheep,’ in GenesisABEL
‘The Fiddler of Dooney’ poetYEATS
‘When will you ___ learn?’EVER
Alfred E. Neuman’s expressionGRIN
Arduous tripTREK
As a bonusALSO
Become unraveledFRAY
Beer guzzler’s bulgeGUT
Bollywood film tune, at timesRAGA
Brand that acquired Reebok in 2005ADIDAS
Buzzers in some jug bandsKAZOOS
By means ofVIA
Cantina menu itemTACO
Cast out of one’s countryEXILE
Chases awayRUNSOFF
Childish retortARESO
Choose not to disturbLETBE
Clothes-conscious typesFOPS
Color of the main in ‘Rule, Britannia’AZURE
Creative conceptIDEA
Cuba libre liquorRUM
Deicing optionSALT
Ended a skydiveALIT
Finished flawlesslyACED
Google Earth graphicMAP
Granola morselsOATS
Have a jones forCRAVE
Hawaii’s ‘Friendly Isle’MOLOKAI
History class periodERA
iPhone componentSCREEN
It may get baked at the beachCLAM
John who explored CanadaCABOT
Kentucky Derby winner’s garlandROSES
Knee-hiding skirtMAXI
Like John F. Kennedy’s military serviceNAVAL
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim logo elementHALO
Mauna ___LOA
Medium featured on ‘Frasier’RADIO
Not often encounteredRARE
On the ___ (kaput)FRITZ
Order for more issuesRENEWAL
Pikelike fishGAR
Polloi precederHOI
Professional who may say, ‘Hold still!’XRAYTECHNICIAN
Professional who may say, ‘Hold still!’PORTRAITARTIST
Professional who may say, ‘Hold still!’TRICKSHOOTER
Professional who may say, ‘Hold still!’ORTHODONTIST
Provoke pettilyTEASE
Pusher pursuer, brieflyNARC
Put up withABIDE
Responded to reveilleGOTUP
Response to a generalNOSIR
Sam’s instrument in ‘Casablanca’PIANO
Santa’s standard entrywayFLUE
Segue preceding a commercial, sayLEADIN
Self-help author WayneDYER
Shrimper’s meshNET
Skye of ‘Wayne’s World’IONE
Sphere on a scepterORB
Spread aroundSTREW
Stampless sentiment sourceECARD
Star sometimes called Beta OrionisRIGEL
Subdue by stunning, slangilyTASE
Summertime swarmerGNAT
Swindler’s schemeSCAM
Tiny quantityIOTA
Toy with a handleWAGON
Volcano mentioned in the ‘Aeneid’ETNA
Wind quintet memberOBOE
Word between surnamesNEE
Work as Jennifer Beals’s ‘Flashdance’ character doesWELD

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