Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 14, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Auld Lang ___’SYNE
‘Cavalleria rusticana’ highlightARIA
‘I’ve ___ Be Me’ (1968 song by Sammy Davis Jr.)GOTTA
‘Last Tango in Halifax’ networkBBC
‘Oh, brother!’MAN
‘On the Waterfront’ director KazanELIA
‘Roger’ followerWILCO
‘Shame on you!’TSK
‘That hits the spot!’AAH
‘___ Clear’ (2015 documentary about Scientology)GOING
‘___ Lay Dying’ (2013 James Franco film)ASI
Ab crunch result, maybeACHE
Actor DelonALAIN
Alaska or HawaiiSTATE
Algerian portORAN
Antioxidant berryACAI
Arcade coinTOKEN
Barhopping, sayONABINGE
Big broodCLAN
Cafeteria carrierTRAY
Calf roping ropeLASSO
Capital of GhanaACCRA
Capital of PolandWARSAW
Caspian Sea countryIRAN
Cause of a tennis match delayRAIN
Cheeseboard choiceBRIE
Cheeseboard choiceEDAM
Compete in the America’s CupSAIL
Custom-made Amtrak lubrication?SPECIALTRAINOIL
Drops downSAGS
Dunlop productTIRE
Egyptian president SadatANWAR
Excitement during a Catholic service?MASSHOURMADNESS
Fiend of folkloreOGRE
Gemini neighborORION
Get an eyefulOGLE
Hearty helloHAIL
Help at the HyattMAIDS
Ian of ‘Alien’HOLM
It’s a thoughtIDEA
Jerky for a Wild West excursion?COWBOYRIDESNACK
Karen of ‘Animal House’ALLEN
Kimono sashesOBIS
Kuwait residentARAB
Lamp locationENDTABLE
Light brown colorECRU
Little piggiesTOES
Lord’s Prayer startOUR
Maundy Thursday periodLENT
McCord of ‘Adam-12’KENT
Nails downICES
Org. that sanctioned the Mayweather/Pacquiao fightWBA
Paradise of GenesisEDEN
Positive reportGOODNEWS
Property measureACRE
Quint’s boat in ‘Jaws’ORCA
Reunion groupCLASS
September celebrationLABORDAY
South American parrotMACAW
Spinning soundWHIR
Stud farm studSIRE
Swing era swingerHEPCAT
Tales of fictionLIES
The ‘A’ in A.DANNO
Thompson of ‘Family’SADA
Troublesome engine noiseKNOCK
Used one’s scull?OARED
Whodunit ingredientPLOT
Wrestling victoriesPINS
___ culpaMEA
___ GayENOLA
___ Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaSAN

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