Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 13, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Rock the ___’ (The Clash hit)CASBAH
‘Sometimes you feel like ___ …’ (start of a classic candy jingle)ANUT
‘When pigs fly!’NOTEVER
843-acre leafy Manhattan oasisCENTRALPARK
Actors run themLINES
Animal with an impressive rackELK
Anti-apartheid Nobelist DesmondTUTU
Be flexibleBEND
Big name in blendersOSTER
Breastplate and cuissesARMOR
Cartographer’s outputMAPS
Crossword solver’s needCLUES
Demonstrator’s wordsLIKESO
Diamond in the skySTAR
Director PremingerOTTO
Divulge, in a wayLETON
Drive forwardIMPEL
Dye used in skin decorationHENNA
Ebony’s counterpartIVORY
Facilitate, as a felonyABET
Frequent flyer’s choice, perhapsAISLE
Fruit pastry often made with frangipaneCHERRYTART
Gal who might be brown-eyed or lazySUSAN
Granitas’ relativesICES
Head of the table in the corp. dining room, perhapsCEO
Hidalgo homeCASA
Home of the New York PhilharmonicLINCOLNCENTER
How sardines and tuna may be packedINOIL
Improvised bit of jazzRIFF
In need of calamine lotionITCHY
India.___ (Grammy-winning singer)ARIE
Irish New Age musician nominated for an Oscar for ‘May It Be’ENYA
It might be thrown on the gridironFLAG
It’s for its own sake, per the MGM mottoART
Loan figsAPRS
Look wolfishlyLEER
Lying aboutIDLE
Make a boo-booERR
Many a Christmas treeFIR
Margaret who impersonated Kim Jong-un at the 2015 Golden GlobesCHO
Meaty nickname of blues guitarist Aaron Thibeaux WalkerTBONE
Milliner’s offeringHAT
Ms. Winfrey’s production companyHARPO
Northern neighbor of Mexico (abbr.)USA
Part of a Tibetan Buddhist title that means, literally, ‘ocean’DALAI
PC key to the left of F1ESC
Penny, and what advances in position through this puzzle’s four longest answersCENT
Per capitaEACH
Phonetically, all of the vowels in the French phrase ‘un bon vin blanc’NASALS
Potent prefixOMNI
Prepare, as pekoeBREW
Relative of -trixENNE
Samoa’s capitalAPIA
Sea hawkOSPREY
Search list that a web surfer might delete to cover her tracksRECENTHISTORY
Second-person copulative verbARE
Solid, as reasoningSOUND
Something watchful folks keepTABS
Soufflé featureACUTEACCENT
Subject of the rhyme that begins, ‘Red touches yellow, kills a fellow …’CORALSNAKE
Surveyor’s renderingPLAT
Tex-Mex noshTACO
The ‘Blue Planet’EARTH
Type of dispenser detrimental to the ozone layerAEROSOL
Vital energy, to an acupuncturistCHI
Waste maker, they sayHASTE
Well-developed musical sense, metaphoricallyEAR
What the Shadow knows lurks in the hearts of menEVIL
Wild attemptSTAB
Winner’s hand signVEE

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