Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 27, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘#@&%!,’ e.gCURSE
‘A Fish Called ___’WANDA
‘I ___ I had an answer to that because I’m tired of answering that question’ (Yogi Berra)WISH
‘Manon Lescaut’ highlightARIA
‘Star ___’TREK
‘The Biggest Little City in the World’RENONEVADA
‘Totally awesome!’RAD
Affectionate attentionCARE
Alpha followerBETA
Automobile pioneer RansomOLDS
Ball club ball clubs?BATS
Bay State birthplace of two US presidentsQUINCY
Blue Cross option, brieflyHMO
Burkina Faso neighborMALI
Canvas coverTENT
Castle protectorsMOATS
Coffee containerURN
College cram sessionALLNIGHTER
Cracked rivalMAD
Deadly poisonsBANES
Disturbed deeplyATEAT
Drops in the mailboxSENDS
Electric car manufacturerTESLA
Fairy tale beginningONCE
Field of expertiseAREA
Fruit drinkADE
Gardener’s toolRAKE
Geotechnical engineer’s concernSOIL
Giants quarterback ManningELI
Go with the flowAGREE
Greek vowelsETAS
Hoity-toity attitudesAIRS
Home of the mythological LabyrinthCRETE
Huddle callPLAY
Hudson Bay nativeCREE
In a jam, in a wayTREED
Instrument heard at theaters during silent filmsWURLITZERORGAN
It can be pierced or hookedNOSE
Jai ___ALAI
Keebler crackerZESTA
Land of leprechaunsERIN
Like most newspapersDAILY
Look like a wolfOGLE
Lose steamSLOW
Missile Crisis countryCUBA
Mouse catcherTRAP
Nolo contendere, e.gPLEA
Objects on hand?NAILS
Old Italian breadLIRA
Opposed toANTI
Org. Liam Neeson belonged to in ‘Taken’CIA
Org. that has boomed due to boomersAARP
Peruse Poe, possiblyREAD
Prudhoe Bay settingALASKA
Puff upBLOAT
Rare violinAMATI
Request more TimeRENEW
Result of a day at the beach, maybeBIKINILINE
Rhapsodic wordsODE
Rum cocktailMAITAI
Russian riverURAL
Shells outPAYS
Sprinkle of saltDASH
Thompson of ‘Family’SADA
Throws inADDS
Tiny buzzerGNAT
Van Susteren of Fox NewsGRETA
Web site?ATTIC
Zhou of ChinaENLAI
[What nerve!]SLAP

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