Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 25, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ channelCNN
‘That’s a relief!’WHEW
‘Whatever you want!’NAMEIT
‘___ on a true story’BASED
2000 biopic about James Joyce’s wifeNORA
2013’s Best Original ScreenplayHER
2014 role for Russell CroweNOAH
Acting coach HagenUTA
Almost on ‘E’LOW
Art maven Sister Wendy, e.gNUN
Ballot abbrIND
Barbara Taylor Bradford’s genreROMANCE
Beverage rich in electrolytesSPORTSDRINK
Big cat, en un jardín zoológicoTIGRE
Birch of ‘American Beauty’THORA
Bought rounds on creditRANUPATAB
Boxer LailaALI
California’s Santa ___ windsANA
Calvin Trillin’s ‘Tepper ___ Going Out’ISNT
Clean one’s plateEAT
Co. with an Extreme Blue internship programIBM
Cultural Revolution leaderMAO
Delivery co. with brown trucksUPS
Evergreen often brought into the houseFIR
Figurehead’s spotPROW
Former AT&T rivalGTE
Fútbol cheerOLE
Goddess challenged by Arachne in a weaving contestATHENA
Handle without carePAW
Hangover relief, supposedlyHAIROFTHEDOG
Himalayan kingdomNEPAL
Home of the New York Mets for their first two seasonsPOLOGROUNDS
How some stocks and bonds are boughtATPAR
ID targeted in identity theftSSN
It’s open and shutDOOR
Juice brand with Aloha Morning varietiesHAWAIIANPUNCH
Jukebox favoriteOLDIE
Kentucky Derby monthMAY
Kid brothers, oftenPESTS
Like a rag dollFLOPPY
Minor quibblesNITS
Number on some business cardsFAX
Org. for driversPGA
PBS funderNEA
Pizzeria orderSTUFFEDCRUST
Pizzeria ordersPIES
Plays nice, in kindergartenSHARES
Put on speaking termsINTRODUCE
Relaxed in the tubBATHED
Sideburn neighborEAR
Site siteWEB
Small songbirdWREN
Solitary sortLONER
Spinning toyTOP
Splash, as liquidSLOP
State ___FAIR
Styled afterALA
Thing to confessSIN
Thurman of ‘Playing for Keeps’UMA
To whom Rick said, ‘We’ll always have Paris’ILSA
Tolkien’s talking treesENTS
Walk heavilySTOMP
Water brand with a recyclable PlantBottleDASANI
Where to get sheets for a songWHITESALE
Word before or after ‘down’PAT
Word of exceptionNOR
Your, of yoreTHY
Zamboni surfaceICE
___ PauloSAO

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