Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 23, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Fame’ actress IreneCARA
‘Full Metal Jacket’ setting, brieflyNAM
‘House’ actor EppsOMAR
‘LA Ink’ body picTAT
‘Lost Horizon’ figureLAMA
‘New World Symphony’ composerDVORAK
‘Star Wars’ creatorLUCAS
‘Star Wars’ princessLEIA
‘You think I won’t?!’DAREME
‘You’ve Got Mail’ director NoraEPHRON
Airport VIP sectionsLOUNGES
All tucked inABED
Apple pie orderALAMODE
Art ___ (Chrysler Building’s style)DECO
Bakery sign?AROMA
Ball game interruptionRAINDELAY
Banjo support of songKNEE
Bank deposit?SILT
Bowl overAWE
Brooks from TulsaGARTH
Budget, in brand namesECONO
Called the shotsRULED
Capitol featureDOME
Carson City neighborRENO
Casino gratuity, slangilyTOKE
Cause of overtimeTIE
Come in, and a hint to what 17-, 39-, and 62-Across have in commonENTER
Cosmic cloudNEBULA
Desert region of IsraelNEGEV
Door pounder’s cryOPENUP
Dumfries dissentNAE
Elysian abodesEDENS
Euro preceder, in SpainPESETA
Explosive Sicilian landmarkETNA
Field measurementACRE
Fill to excessCRAM
Fitted with footwearSHOD
Formally changeAMEND
Get slippery, in a wayICEUP
Going ___ (battling)ATIT
Greek who posed paradoxesZENO
It can make a speedometer inaccurateINSTRUMENTERROR
It might have a twistPLOT
Japanese dish in a savory sauceCHICKENTERIYAKI
Last of a Greek seriesOMEGA
Latvia’s largest cityRIGA
Luggage-inspecting orgTSA
Made the wild mildTAMED
Make happenINDUCE
Mercedes followerBENZ
Mobile messageTEXT
Nighttime disturbancesSNORES
North Carolina’s ___ BanksOUTER
Offer objectionsDEMUR
One in a suitACE
Optimist’s limit?SKY
Paramedic’s skill, brieflyCPR
Part in a playROLE
Party disciplinarianWHIP
Peel, as an applePARE
Place for a rug?AREA
Preferred optionPLANA
Product stickerLABEL
Scottie, of a sortABERDEENTERRIER
TV athletic awardESPY
Valuable strings, brieflySTRAD
Vegas naturalSEVEN
Walk wearilyPLOD
Watermelon coveringsRINDS
Wear down slowlyERODE
Wicked oneDEVIL
Work togetherCOACT

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