Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 17, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘For real!’NOLIE
‘Gangnam Style’ performerPSY
‘I pity the fool!’ uttererMRT
‘Life of Pi’ director LeeANG
‘Whose side are ___?’YOUON
251, to CiceroCCLI
A friend indeedPAL
Actor Cage, casuallyNIC
Actress BullockSANDRA
Air plugs?RADIOADS
Airline to Tel AvivELAL
Barely broiledRARE
Benjamin, Duncan, Dylan, or Rosie, in ‘We Bought a Zoo’MEE
Big dealsADOS
Big dummyOAF
Big name in kitchen utensilsEKCO
Big name in TV talk and mustachesGERALDORIVERA
Burt Reynolds movie, with ‘The’CANNONBALLRUN
Cambodia’s Lon ___NOL
Cambridge schMIT
Capri, for oneISLE
Charlotte’s placeNORTHCAROLINA
Command to RexSTAY
Consort of ShivaDEVI
Cooperstown’s SlaughterENOS
Court depositionsTESTIMONIES
Eight, to ErnstACHT
Fixed up againREDID
Get one’s point across?STAB
Gifford’s successorRIPA
Health scare of 2002-2003SARS
Historic time piece?ERA
Homer’s neighborNED
Hr. divisionMIN
Integrates, as some studentsMAINSTREAMS
It’s a wrapSARAN
Itinerary abbrTBA
K-12, for shortELHI
Keatsian prepositionERE
Key signature with no sharps or flatsAMINOR
Last letters from a farm refrainEIO
Like Beethoven’s Second SymphonyIND
Little leftoversORTS
Making toxic, sayCONTAMINATING
Meeting places?FOCI
No-win situation?TIE
Part of the plotINON
Poivre’s partnerSEL
Quaint-sounding clerksSALESLADIES
Round Table localeCAMELOT
San ___, California border town opposite TijuanaYSIDRO
Small cutsSNICKS
Spicy Asian meat dishMONGOLIANHOTPOT
Stocking stuffers?MANDARINORANGES
Summer and Winter Games orgIOC
Surveillance setupWIRETAP
The Reds, on scoreboardsCIN
They’re used in cutting-edge electronicsSUPERCONDUCTORS
Tilted text, brieflyITAL
Titled woman?MISSAMERICA
Tom Hanks thriller set in the VaticanANGELSANDDEMONS
War site during LBJ’s presidencyNAM

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