Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 22, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Catch a Falling Star’ Grammy winnerCOMO
‘I’ll take over from here’LETME
‘Nova’ subjSCI
Adelaide-to-Melbourne dirESE
American publisher who championed Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’CERF
AT&T Stadium quarterbackROMO
Athenian in a Shakespeare titleTIMON
Biblical water-into-wine siteCANA
Brutish alter ego of fictionHYDE
Buckeyes’ schOSU
Celestial bearURSA
Cheese coated in red waxEDAM
Clairvoyant’s ability, for shortESP
Corp. fiscal VIPsCFOS
Course full of unknownsALGEBRA
Dandified neckwearASCOT
Deadly septetSINS
Dealer in stolen goodsFENCE
Dedicatee of Lennon’s ‘Woman’ONO
Display a one-track mindOBSESS
Do impressions ofAPE
Dumas’s Comte de la Fère, to fellow MusketeersATHOS
Fed. pollution monitorEPA
Folded brunch ordersOMELETS
Fortune 500 company that’s a major minerALCOA
Fraction of a lira, onceCENTESIMO
Fruit in most traditional sticky toffee puddingsDATE
Gore and HirtALS
Halve dramaticallyREND
He made his film debut in ‘Rocky III’MRT
Homer in ‘Lilies of the Field,’ e.gEXGI
Humble response to a complimentITRY
Impatiens or EucalyptusGENUS
Issue petty criticismsSNIPE
Keep from flowingSTEM
Like ballerinas or gymnastsLITHE
Like beer on tap, sayICECOLD
Lively folk dancesREELS
Maryland athlete, colloquiallyTERP
Mauritania neighborMALI
Missing, to an MPAWOL
Nanjing nursemaidAMAH
NASCAR Hall of Fame locale (abbr.)NCAR
No longer tied upFREE
One working your last nerveVEXER
Origin of some wavesFUNHOUSEMIRROR
Origin of some wavesATLANTICOCEAN
Origin of some wavesHOMEPERMANENT
Origin of some wavesGAMMARADIATION
Outback fledglingsEMUS
Outmoded tape formatVHS
Piece of a trellis, oftenLATH
Pledge to do another stintREUP
Portuguese archipelagoMADEIRA
Property claimsLIENS
Rank above majLTCOL
Rolf’s duet partner in ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen’LIESL
Run on televisionAIR
Search comprehensivelySCOUR
Seaweed at a sushi barNORI
Sound in a game of horseshoesTHUD
Staff symbolREST
Subject of many strips in the ‘Bloom County’ rebootTRUMP
Tease relentlesslyRIDE
Vermont ski meccaSTOWE
Where to see M.C. Escher’s ‘Belvedere,’ with ‘The’HAGUE
Wide’s partnerFAR

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