Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 30, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Chiquitita’ quartetABBA
‘Julius Caesar’ conspiratorCASCA
‘No need to elaborate’ENOUGHSAID
‘You can stop nagging me’IKNOW
‘You’re mistaken’NOTSO
‘___ a Rebel’ (’60s hit)HES
Actor EppsOMAR
Arctic predatorsORCAS
BB-8 in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ for oneDROID
Become solidGEL
Budweiser alternativePABST
Chain attachmentKEY
Clickable addressesURLS
Communicate withREACH
Coup d’___ETAT
Crop upARISE
Cultural Revolution chairmanMAO
Daring beachwearTHONG
Detroit’s Joe Louis ___ARENA
Examine carefully, as evidenceSIFT
Flaws and allASIS
Frightfully strangeEERIE
From Bhutan, for instanceASIAN
Furious feelingIRE
Gift-giving occasions, brieflyBDAYS
Gradually destroyERODE
Half of cuatroDOS
Hard to holdEELY
Health supplement retailer, familiarlyGNC
Hockey great BobbyORR
Hummingbird attractorNECTAR
Interstellar dust cloudNEBULA
Linger in the tubSOAK
Memo headingINRE
Meyers of late-night talkSETH
Muse of historyCLIO
Name on some euro coinsEIRE
Number for a sequel’s sequelIII
Old hatBANAL
Olympian’s questMEDAL
One of a limerick’s fiveLINE
One of NATO’s original membersUSA
Opted for leftovers, sayATEIN
Overly ampedHYPER
Owner of MapQuestAOL
Palindromic nicknameNAN
Part of a bridal ensembleVEIL
Participate in a think tank sessionBRAINSTORM
Piggies’ protector?BOOTIE
Place to plop downSOFA
Radio booth signONAIR
Rev.’s speechSER
Robot maid on ‘The Jetsons’ROSIE
Round figureORB
Scrawling graffiti on, e.gDEFACING
Seat of Utah County, UtahPROVO
Send Doc a memo, say?REMINDDWARF
Short amount of time ‘taken’ by this puzzle’s longest entriesMIN
Sidewalk vehiclesTRIKES
Sitting aroundIDLE
Sprite holderCAN
Start to awakenSTIR
Target for an end zone extinguisher?FLAMINGFOOTBALL
Target of some TSA searchesBAG
Thus farYET
Tournament passesBYES
Trigonometry abbrCOS
Update, as a factoryRETOOL
Where Paris took HelenTROY
Widely emulated pair of oxen?SEMINALTEAM
Workstations for so-so students?BMINUSTERMINALS
Writer Beattie or RadcliffeANN
___ Michele of TV’s ‘Scream Queens’LEA
___ SpeedwagonREO

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