Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 10, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Around the Horn’ channelESPN
‘Be glad to!’SURE
‘Just a single slice of pizza will do, thanks’?ONEONLY
‘M*A*S*H’ extrasMEDICS
‘Ouch! Just sprained my ankle!’?TWISTSHOUT
‘Ran’ director KurosawaAKIRA
‘___ that obvious?’ISIT
Angiogram imageAORTA
Arranged looselyDRAPED
Audience componentsPEOPLE
Author of macabre talesPOE
Automaker whose model numbers often include 9SAAB
Banned chem. contaminantsPCBS
Beloved Hawaiian croonerDONHO
Big name in beautyESTEE
Bite-size Butterfinger bar?SHORTSWEET
Brief letterNOTE
Casa chamberSALA
Choral partALTO
Circus employeeTAMER
Convention center eventEXPO
Dapper dude?FINEDANDY
Demi Moore has three of themEXES
Destructive behavior meant to harass those thought to be harming the environmentECOTAGE
Driver’s needTEE
Farm femalesSOWS
Feel sorry forPITY
Filled fareTACO
Floral mementoLEI
Generous wordsONME
Golfer IsaoAOKI
High-altitude hideawayAERIE
Historical spansERAS
Instrument that usually has four stringsUKULELE
Invite to enterASKIN
It may be served with an oliveMARTINI
It’s often shot with a smartphonePHOTO
Largest island in the CaribbeanCUBA
Like some examsORAL
Make largerDILATE
Manipulate, as doughKNEAD
Match partsSETS
Mining vehicleORECAR
Mysterious hoverersUFOS
Nabokov novelLOLITA
Naval agreementsAYES
Nevada border lakeTAHOE
Novel conclusion?ETTE
Pavarotti, e.gTENOR
Physics particleATOM
Plate wiperTOWEL
Political listSLATE
Prayer openingOLORD
Rig on the roadSEMI
Site to speak your pieceBLOG
Soup morselsPEAS
Speech therapist’s concernLISP
Start of a rumorIHEAR
Storage rentalUNIT
Strands in a labDNA
Surveyor’s referencePLAT
Taste tester’s words, perhapsNOTBAD
Tavern request, sayANOTHER
Tea-producing Indian stateASSAM
The oldest MusketeerATHOS
They can be skipped with a DVRADS
Toy that may go to great heightsKITE
Vaqueros’ gearRIATAS
Voice qualityTONE
Williams of the TemptationsOTIS
Within walking distanceNEAR
Work done at a weekly newsmagazine?TIMELABOR
WWII British weaponSTEN

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