Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 12, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Jersey Shore’ airerMTV
‘Well, this ___ surprise!’ISA
‘___ Boys’ (‘Little Men’ sequel)JOS
A-bomb, e.gWMD
Activity at some tropical beach resortsSKINDIVING
Adopt, as a hobbyTAKEUP
Affect emotionallySTIR
Ancestry.com iconLEAF
Boo Boo Bear’s cavemateYOGI
Brew on tapDRAFTBEER
Burglar’s bootyHAUL
Capital with a Viking ship museumOSLO
Carry alongBRING
Challenges for rock climbersCRAGS
Colonel’s silver insigniaEAGLE
Could choose toMAY
D-day vesselLST
Destination after rolling three straight doubles in MonopolyJAIL
Ex-slugger Jose who wrote ‘Juiced’CANSECO
Factor in some admission pricesAGE
Firecracker’s reportBANG
Fleeting fascinationFAD
Flipping outGOINGAPE
Former USSR countryUKR
Foster fury inENRAGE
French phrase heard on cooking showsALA
Fruit in some English jelliesSLOE
Go quickly, quaintlyHIE
Gush forthSPEW
Handle the handlebars ofSTEER
Idol featured in ExodusGOLDENCALF
Last prez to have states admitted during his term, initiallyDDE
Lee revered by superhero fansSTAN
Lhasa ___APSO
Locales for cashiers and canariesCAGES
Made harmoniousATTUNED
Makes short cutsSNIPS
Mona Lisa’s enigmatic expressionSMILE
No social butterflyLONER
Not femMASC
Open, as an aspirin bottleUNCAP
Optical light regulatorIRIS
Other than thatELSE
Phrase of personal acceptanceILIKEYOU
Political extremistsLUNATICFRINGE
Procedure partsSTEPS
Psychological statesMOODS
Rose nicknamed ‘Charlie Hustle’PETE
Rowing bladesSCULLS
Sandwiches with sauerkrautREUBENS
Say ‘Can I?’ or ‘Might we?’ASK
Scant numberFEW
Seneca’s 601DCI
Senor’s ‘more’MAS
Sighs from spa visitorsAAHS
Skylit spacesATRIA
Sport that ‘brackets’ the answer at 17-AcrossSKIING
Sport that ‘brackets’ the answer at 37-AcrossLUGE
Sport that ‘brackets’ the answer at 62-AcrossGOLF
Squiggles on scoresCLEFS
Stem-to-stern structureKEEL
Straight hits on the diamondLINERS
Sunfish vesselsSAILBOATS
Susan of TV’s ‘Devious Maids’LUCCI
Sweetheart’s strokeCARESS
Tennis legend GibsonALTHEA
TGIF or FWIW segmentITS
The Riddler, to RobinFOE
Transferable designDECAL
Tuneful twosomesDUOS
Under the terms of whichWHEREBY
Unload on eBay, saySELL
Unwelcome doghouse visitorFLEA
Wash away over timeERODE

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