Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 15, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Fatal Attraction’ husbandDAN
‘Finish,’ to sommeliersAFTERTASTE
‘___ Dos Fridas’ (Kahlo painting)LAS
Abandon, informallyDITCH
Associate withTIETO
Atlas Mtns. localeAFR
Author on Italy’s two-euro coinDANTE
Beanies and yarmulkesSKULLCAPS
Book jacket reviews, usuallyACCOLADES
By way of, old-styleTHRO
Carnival ride music, e.gLILT
Carpenter’s collapsible measuring gadgetZIGZAGRULE
Chophouse ordersTBONES
Concorde fleet, onceSSTS
Confucian ‘path’TAO
Conversational taboos, perhapsSORESPOTS
Creamy cheese made with remnants of mozzarellaBURRATA
Creator of laudatory linesODIST
Cries of disappointmentDRATS
Cruciform letterTAU
Dealt in stocksTRADED
Drosselmeyer’s godchild in ‘The Nutcracker’CLARA
Early surgery aidETHER
Eastern au pairAMAH
Father, to PhilippePERE
Flop’s oppositeHIT
Frosty the Snowman transformerHAT
Guffaw syllableHAR
HMO participantsMDS
Itinerary infoETAS
Looney Tunes ‘devil,’ casuallyTAZ
Many an ’80s ChryslerKCAR
Minister’s calling, with ‘the’CLOTH
Mother who hums to her offspringLLAMA
One in protective gear at homeUMP
Org. handing down rules for clubsUSGA
Oxonian’s ‘Outstanding!’CAPITAL
Performers who might pretend to be trapped in a boxMIMES
Place to detrain (abbr.)STA
Pol. affiliation of Teddy RooseveltGOP
Produce suddenlySPROUT
Punctuate a rapprochement, in modern lingoHUGITOUT
Rile upANGER
Run off at the mouthBLATHER
Scarf tucked into a bodiceFICHU
Second Amendment subjectMILITIA
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure with an extended armADAM
Sitcom featuring a voice-only doormanRHODA
Something metaphorically massagedEGO
Specialized jargonARGOT
State of ‘champagne wishes and caviar dreams’HIGHLIFE
Tenacious foe of Julius CaesarCATO
Texter’s roarLOL
The Big ___ (Shaquille O’Neal nickname)ARISTOTLE
Tony Shalhoub’s ‘Cars’ roleLUIGI
Transposing two numbers, sayMISDIALING
Wackford Squeers in ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ or Henry Brocklehurst in ‘Jane Eyre’HEADMASTER
Wag one’s finger atCHIDE
Welcome gift that may include dental flossLEI
What an echo on a recording may delineateAURALSPACE
Where Troy Aikman was a QBUCLA
Whodunit suspect, oftenHEIR
Wildlife photographer’s excursionSAFARI
Words indicating second thoughtsTHENAGAIN

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