Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 16, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Bus Stop’ playwright WilliamINGE
‘Game of Thrones’ networkHBO
‘Gil ___’ (Lesage novel)BLAS
‘Sign me up!’IMIN
‘Star Trek’ creator RoddenberryGENE
‘___ on Main St.’ (1972 double album by The Rolling Stones)EXILE
1962 hit by The Four SeasonsSHERRY
30-Across cagerSPUR
32,000 ouncesTON
401(k) and 403(b)RETIREMENTPLANS
Actor LaBeoufSHIA
Amped up the effortTRIEDHARDER
AT&T Center, in San AntonioARENA
Backyard recreation (and a clue to the starts of 17-, 23-, 37-, and 45-Across)TIRESWING
Bad breakMISHAP
Bouncing off the wallsHYPER
Buck nakedBARE
Calculus calculationAREA
Cinque Terre localeITALY
Civil wrongTORT
Coffee break time, for someTENAM
Colin Kaepernick, for oneNINER
Compote component, perhapsPEAR
Cottage or bungalowABODE
Crookshanks, notablyCAT
Fancy spreadPATE
Fifth-century barbarianHUN
Flounder’s frat pal in ‘Animal House’OTTER
Forbidden City locationCHINA
Gives offEXUDES
Greek god of warARES
Harmless prankLARK
Harzer or LimburgerCHEESE
Hathaway of ‘Interstellar’ANNE
Hissy fitSNIT
Hitching post?ALTAR
Horse tradeSWAP
Hot dog toppingCHILI
It’s usually rightEAST
Items that may be pinned or piercedEARS
Kindle Fire alternativesIPADS
Lennon’s loveONO
Ligurian or IonianSEA
Like a World War II veteranOLD
Like many a teenager’s roomMESSY
Little piggiesRUNTS
Muscle injury, maybeTEAR
Neck and neckCLOSE
One of the Great LakesHURON
Onetime NATO targetUSSR
Part of mphPER
Patient recordCHART
Pulls downEARNS
Radiology pioneer CurieMARIE
Razor sharpenerSTROP
Repetitive procedureITERATION
Roger Moore or Sean ConnerySIR
Sharp as a tackSMART
She played Susan Delfino on ‘Desperate Housewives’TERIHATCHER
Short-legged houndBASSET
Sold-out lettersSRO
Stage designsSETS
Steady fellowBEAU
Style of Ice-T or Jay ZRAP
Sweeping shotPAN
Think tank outputIDEAS
Three sheets to the windDRUNK
Toy with a museum in Burlington, WisconsinTOP
Turned green, perhapsAGED
Used your scull?OARED
What a yenta yaks aboutDIRT
Where eagles care?NEST
Where the deer and the antelope playRANGE
___ Sports BureauELIAS

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