Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 2, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Angry Birds’ addict, e.gGAMER
‘Dancing with the Stars’ moveSTEP
‘Edward Scissorhands’ sound effectSNIP
‘Frankenfood’ item, for shortGMO
‘Great’ pope celebrated on Nov. 10STLEO
‘Haystacks’ artistMONET
1598 document signed by France’s Henry IVEDICTOFNANTES
Act starter, in many scriptsSCENEI
Adjective for the AtacamaARID
Apple-based beverage producerCIDERMILL
Areas adjoining goal linesREDZONES
Atoll componentCORAL
Base 10 notation schemeDECIMALSYSTEM
Bathroom flooring optionTILE
Big show, brieflyEXPO
Body wash brandAXE
Buttonholes, e.gSLITS
Call a halt toCEASE
Cancellation stamp wordVOID
Casino actions that also describe the first four letters of 17-, 24-, and 45-AcrossDICEROLLS
Class in which the GDP may be discussedECON
Comic strip segmentPANEL
Computer whose original case featured ‘Bondi Blue’ plasticsIMAC
Culinary connoisseursGOURMETS
Deep desiresYENS
Dines onHAS
Drenched, as a fireman wouldHOSED
Either of Dumbo’s ‘wings’EAR
Event for Usain BoltDASH
Feline’s foursomePAWS
Finds guiltlessACQUITS
Flag or field followerDAY
Former baseball honcho BudSELIG
Grow less hostileTHAW
Hemmed in byAMID
High-hemmed skirtMINI
Hissers in some hieroglyphsASPS
Incurs a calling surcharge, perhapsROAMS
Informant’s hidden transmitterWIRE
Isn’t straight withLIESTO
Jobs for wreckersTOWS
Karen Carpenter’s singing rangeALTO
Like priceless items?NOCOST
Magazine with a ‘Runway’ sectionELLE
Many big rig enginesDIESELS
Monica with three French Open winsSELES
Nelson and NimitzADMIRALS
No more thanATMOST
Nodes near the nasal cavityADENOIDS
Nothing butALL
Obsolescent PC monitor typeCRT
Perform outstandinglySHINE
Period sometimes named for a presidentERA
Practice for prizefightingSPAR
Reflexive pronoun in ‘Do-Re-Mi’MYSELF
Satellite dish offeringTELECAST
Saucony rivalAVIA
Seattle ___ (Triple Crown legend)SLEW
Sixths of a fl. ozTSPS
Size at StarbucksTALL
Slice in a ReubenSWISS
Sources of distressILLS
Spots for mud bathsSPAS
Steeplechase obstacleHURDLE
Swirl-patterned marbleAGATE
Typographic unitPICA
Undershirts, to BritsSINGLETS
Uses the overhead bin forSTOWS
Walk through a kiddie pool, sayWADE
Water’s calorie countZERO
William Penn’s penQUILL
Woody or Jessie, in the ‘Toy Story’ filmsDOLL
Wound seriouslyMAIM

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