Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 3, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Blueberries for ___’ (award-winning children’s book)SAL
‘Cheers’ serverDIANE
‘Et voilà!’TADA
‘It can wait’NORUSH
‘The Gipsy Girl’ painterHALS
‘___ Dark Materials’ (Philip Pullman trilogy)HIS
1983 Peace NobelistWALESA
Accepts, as an argumentBUYS
Akin toLIKE
Ancient Aegean regionIONIA
Back in the dayONCE
Barq’s competitorDADS
Big name in PCsACER
Blown awayAWED
Brother of Moe and CurlySHEMP
Catty comments?MEWS
Cheers for a matadorOLES
Chess-playing computerDEEPTHOUGHT
Chewy candy that’s often redSWEDISHFISH
Collapsible silk headgearOPERAHAT
Driving aidsTEES
Game with suspect cardsCLUE
Go downhill fast?SKI
Goldie of ‘Private Benjamin’HAWN
Grateful Dead genrePSYCHEDELICROCK
Holder of many a ponytailSCRUNCHIE
Irish pop singerENYA
It’s often priced by the barrelOIL
Japanese drama formNOH
Jazz musician BakerCHET
Keystone’s placeARCH
KFC selectionsTHIGHS
Leading ladySTAR
Lends an earLISTENS
Male youthLAD
Man famous for his ginELIWHITNEY
Many a ‘Far Side’ animalCOW
Many providers of shadeELMS
Measures of resistanceOHMS
Medicine manSHAMAN
Michael Jackson song released in 2009THISISIT
Michigan’s ‘___ Five’ of NCAA basketballFAB
Most bashfulSHYEST
Musician ManuCHAO
Oom-___ (tuba sound)PAH
Photog’s settingFSTOP
Pole on a sailboatSPRIT
Post-op localeICU
Predict the future using a crystal ball, e.gSCRY
Publicity stunt, perhapsHOAX
Quarterfinalists, e.gOCTET
Reproachful soundTSK
Saintly symbolsHALOS
SHO competitorAMC
Shoe for a dancer, perhapsWOODENCLOG
Some investments, for shortCDS
Some lapdogs, for shortPOMS
Some paintings at a salonNAILART
Some small samplingsSIPS
Some spy storageMICRODOTS
Sorts, as chickensSEXES
Sound of an air kissMWAH
Supervillains’ hideoutsLAIRS
Symbol for a breakEMDASH
Touched downALIT
Toward the sunriseEAST
Vietnamese noodle soupPHO
Volcanic outputASH
Where social graces are taught … and, with ‘of,’ a hint to the ends of 17-, 28-, and 44-AcrossFINISHINGSCHOOL

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