Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 5, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘As Seen on TV’ marketerKTEL
‘Beats me!’NOIDEA
‘Faust’ playwrightGOETHE
‘Have a taste!’TRYIT
‘Project Runway’ figureMODEL
‘This ___ bust!’ISA
1692 witch trials citySALEM
Act divisionSCENE
Alpaca’s cousinLLAMA
Arcing tossLOB
Bad bloodENMITY
Bank holdings?SAFES
Become a realityTAKESHAPE
Big Sur personal-growth instituteESALEN
Billy goat’s bleatMAA
Champagne glass partSTEM
Chinese exercise regimenTAICHI
Churchill’s trademark gestureVSIGN
Code-cracking gpNSA
Cold packICEBAG
Declines, in a waySAYSNO
Ethan or GracieALLEN
Execute exactlyDOTOATEE
Gallery on the ThamesTATE
Gladiator’s realmARENA
Glamour competitorELLE
Heavenly bodies with tailsCOMETS
Ibsen’s GablerHEDDA
Iran-___ AffairCONTRA
It does groundbreaking workHOE
It hangs around the houseEAVE
It has plenty of will powerESTATELAW
It sticks around the bathroomTILEADHESIVE
Italian wine cityASTI
Kind of pilot or caseTEST
Lapidarist’s itemGEM
Licorice-flavored seedANISE
Luau hellosALOHAS
Mayor ___ West of ‘Family Guy’ADAM
Mercedes-Benz categoryACLASS
Mississippi River boatsSTEAMERS
N.J. neighborDEL
One of Us?CELEB
Part of a sch. yearSEM
Pilotless planeDRONE
Place for paternity testingDNALAB
Pulsating, to a poetATHROB
Quality of the theme word hidden in this crosswordDENSENESS
Refinery materialORE
Rock’s Fleetwood ___MAC
Saab competitorsVOLVOS
Sahara stopoversOASES
Sean of ‘Milk’PENN
Second or sixth PresidentADAMS
Sis and broRELS
Some flock membersEWES
Those muchachasESAS
Told storiesLIED
TV hookup, at timesCABLEADAPTER
Wall or FleetSTREET
Washington ballplayer, brieflyNAT
What some counselors provideLIFESTYLEADVICE
Whittle (down)PARE
___ Paulo, BrazilSAO
___-hoo (chocolate drink)YOO

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