Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 6, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Low-test’ javaDECAF
‘Now I get it!’AHA
‘South Park’ kidKYLE
‘We’re done’THATSAWRAP
‘We’re done’ENDOFSTORY
Actor Jamie of ‘M*A*S*H’FARR
Adjusted again, as a pianoRETUNED
Adopt, as an attitudeCOP
Airport uniform initialsTSA
Ancient Asia Minor regionIONIA
Baseball Hall of Famer SpeakerTRIS
Blender settingPUREE
Bring aboutLEADTO
California’s Big ___SUR
Candy striper, for instanceAIDE
Caught by surpriseSTARTLED
Cheater’s moveFASTONE
Covered, as cupcakesICED
Dissect, in a wayPARSE
Dr. Zhivago’s loveLARA
Earthenware fragmentSHARD
Finish optionMATTE
For two, in ToulouseADEUX
Foreign articleEIN
Graceful treesELMS
Grunts meaning ‘No way!’UHUH
Have nothing ___ withTODO
Head for Vegas?LAS
High-fashion initialsYSL
Hillside danger after a heavy showerMUDSLIDE
Hyundai sedan modelsAZERAS
Immunization fluidSERUM
Jack and Jill’s implementPAIL
Jazz great MaloneKARL
Josip ___ TitoBROZ
Juan’s uncleTIO
Lacking slackTAUT
Lavish shindigGALA
Like ‘Casablanca’ suspectsUSUAL
Like duck soupREALEASY
Like organized desksNEAT
Long geological time periodEON
More despondentBLUER
Musher’s conveyanceSLED
Notorious ‘fiddler’NERO
Pacific salmonCOHO
Pack item, informallyCIG
Pet protection orgASPCA
Place for promisesALTAR
Reporter’s inaccuracy, maybeMISQUOTE
Ryder rivalUHAUL
Serve at a tea partyPOUR
Show disdainSCOFF
Silverbacks, e.gAPES
Small boxers, sayPUPS
Small Egyptian viperASP
Some savings plans, brieflyIRAS
Starchy tuberYAM
Stare in wonderGAWK
Susan’s portrayer on ‘Desperate Housewives’TERI
Tailor’s concernFIT
Title for PlinyELDER
Very early childhoodINFANCY
Voiced disdainTSKED
Water___ (bathroom item)PIK
Weather forecast, perhapsRAIN
Worrier’s wordsOHOH
___ even keelONAN
___-ski (lodge lounging)APRES

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