Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 7, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘It’s ___ to shut up sometimes’ (Marcel Marceau)GOOD
‘Laugh-In’ comedian JohnsonARTE
‘Member’ of the USSRUNION
‘The Barber of Seville’ highlightARIA
‘Who knew?’GEE
‘___ It Off’ (2014 Taylor Swift chart-topper)SHAKE
‘___ Moon Rising’ (1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival song)BAD
2014 movie based on a historic marchSELMA
Affectionate gesture that Todd gave to Lisa on ‘Saturday Night Live’NOOGIE
ATM outputCASH
Back on the PacificSTERN
Barely manageEKEOUT
Blizzard flavorOREO
Bridle strapREIN
Chichén Itzá settingYUCATAN
Create, informallyGINUP
Cultural Revolution leaderMAO
Cycle starterUNI
Digital display?RING
Dutch Schultz, for Arthur FlegenheimerALIAS
Edward VI, to Henry VIIISON
Encouraged, with ‘on’EGGED
Engage in sole cleansing?BATHE
Enter a username and passwordLOGIN
eos productBALM
Estevez of ‘The Breakfast Club’EMILIO
Evening gown fabric, perhapsTAFFETA
Finish that brings a smileHAPPYENDING
Fly in the ointmentSNAG
Greek vowelsETAS
Half of a winning ticket in 2008 and 2012OBAMA
Half of a winning ticket in 2008 and 2012BIDEN
Harvard theatrical society that included Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin RooseveltHASTYPUDDING
Have a sneaking suspicionFEEL
Hieroglyphic serpentASP
In vogueCHIC
Ivy League school in PhillyPENN
Karaoke selectionTUNE
Kimono sashOBI
Lawn dart activityTOSS
Legalese, for oneLINGO
Leo or VirgoSIGN
Like a Freddy Krueger filmHAIRRAISING
Mount Vernon, to George WashingtonHOME
New Testament bookACTS
Peacenik’s mantraNONUKES
Peninsula crossed by the Israelites in ExodusSINAI
Place where people weigh inOPED
Presidential candidate whose coif was described by the New York Times as ‘an elaborate structure best left to an architecture critic’TRUMP
Quick glancePEEK
Recline next toLIEBY
Science fiction writer McCaffreyANNE
Seaquake aftermathTSUNAMI
Serengeti scavengerHYENA
Soaks up some raysTANS
Spitballing resultIDEA
Standard Windows fontARIAL
Start of lunch, for manyNOON
Suffered from sciaticaACHED
Take the money and runROB
Tomei of ‘My Cousin Vinny’MARISA
Trio that traveled to BethlehemMAGI
Ultron, for oneROBOT
Valentine’s Day colorRED
VIP of a parade in MarchSTPAT
Virginia ___TECH
Vocal cords, in slangPIPES
Wrestling victoryPIN
___ Moines, IowaDES
___ Palace (French president’s residence)ELYSEE

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