Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 8, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Ex ___’ (2015 film)MACHINA
‘Of Mice and Men,’ for oneNOVELLA
‘On the Road’ narrator ParadiseSAL
‘The Honourable Woman’ costarREA
‘___ for Noose’ (Sue Grafton book)NIS
‘___ get it now!’OHI
Aliens, for shortETS
Always beatOWN
Bit of mocking laughterHAR
Court event for manyCLASSACTIONSUIT
Criticizes harshlySCATHES
Dashed figSSN
Dating service data, oftenACTIVEINTERESTS
Daughter of Loki, in Norse mythHEL
Diamond head?DEE
Displaying high energyFEELINGONESOATS
Doesn’t go to court, perhapsSETTLES
Fair-hiring lettersEEO
Field with fieldsFARMING
Fighting something, sayILL
Finish, in a wayRESTORE
Fireworks viewer, usuallyOOHER
First name of a celebrated first ladyELEANOR
Future croakerTADPOLE
Health form informationNEARESTRELATIVE
Itinerary wordVIA
Ivy League team whose only loss in 2015 came in the second round of the NCAA TournamentPRINCETONTIGERS
Jeff Lynne’s band, for shortELO
Least interestingARIDEST
Legal attachment?ESE
Like mullahsISLAMIC
Long, long timeEON
Many an Ariana Grande fanTWEEN
Martin Sheen’s real first nameRAMON
Middle of a famous palindromeERE
New Deal progWPA
Old bread from BarcelonaPESETAS
Pro ___TEM
Proverb ending?IAL
Put a new tag onRETITLE
QB protectorsRTS
Reach competitorORALB
Roman counterpart to AthenaMINERVA
Sept. setting in Sioux CityCDT
Small songbirdTIT
Some vinyl, brieflyEPS
Southern Conf. rival of The CitadelVMI
Stroller occupantTOT
Tennis score wordALL
Tennis star Stephens and best-selling author CrosleySLOANES
The Beatles’ ‘___ Mine’IME
Three Mile Island watchdog (abbr.)AEC
Tokyo’s ___ CastleEDO
Unseen troublemakerGREMLIN
Where some pins are madeMAT
Will Smith biopicALI
Windy City commuters’ orgCTA
Work’s antithesis, brieflyREC

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