Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 9, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘A Walk in the Woods’ costar NickNOLTE
‘Doctor Zhivago’ protagonistYURI
‘Got it’ISEE
‘How ___ Your Mother’IMET
‘I’m with you on that!’AMEN
‘What ___ can go wrong?’ELSE
1992 Tom Selleck sports comedyMRBASEBALL
2012 Oscar-winning film with a title taken from Greek mythologyARGO
7UP’s tagline, with ‘the’UNCOLA
Actor McKellenIAN
Adrian’s portrayer in the ‘Rocky’ franchiseTALIA
Basket for a brook troutCREEL
Bed-and-breakfast, oftenINN
Betrayer of OthelloIAGO
Brief life storyBIO
Cartesian nameRENE
Colorado ski resortASPEN
Cowboys’ gearLASSOS
Dashboard figMPH
Directional signalARROW
Duran Duran frontman SimonLEBON
El ___ (the USA and Canada, to Central Americans)NORTE
Emotion of the shouting reindeer of songGLEE
Fresh talkSASS
Glistening, like a Mr. Universe contestant’s skinOILED
Greek letter that looks like a ‘P’RHO
Handout to Junior, perhapsWEEKLYALLOWANCE
Hawkeye’s homeIOWA
Home state of the Volunteers (abbr.)TENN
Honey wineMEAD
Human rights attorney and noted 2014 bride AlamuddinAMAL
Image used for scene segues on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ATOM
It’s used to test the watersTRIALBALLOON
Item carried by DiogenesLAMP
Like a slightly deflated sphere, perhapsOBLATE
Lobster shack attireBIB
Maidenform competitor that shares a name with a noted Belarusian gymnastOLGA
Marseille maiden (abbr.)MLLE
No-no for a veganMEAT
One of a trident’s threeTINE
One of four US presidents to win a Nobel Peace PrizeOBAMA
One who’s bad looking?OGLER
Peptic problemULCER
Pierce’s portrayer, on TV’s ‘M*A*S*H’ALDA
Place for a studLOBE
Popular site for techy gadget reviewsCNET
Quinoa cultivator of oldINCA
Really stinksBITES
Right-angled structural supportsLBARS
Ring outPEAL
Riotous way to runAMOK
Role that launched Calista Flockhart’s starALLYMCBEAL
Seminary subjREL
Shakespeare’s monikerTHEBARD
Shankar pieceRAGA
Sporty auto roofTTOP
Stat on a JFK monitorETA
Target with a beamLASE
Tart relativePIE
Terrible time in the nursery, they sayTWOS
The Last FrontierALASKA
Tossed, as a grenadeLOBBED
Toughest command on a driving test, for manyPARALLELPARK
___ Family Singers (group whose origins were portrayed in ‘The Sound of Music’)TRAPP

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