Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 17, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘American Gods’ novelist NeilGAIMAN
‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ carTBIRD
‘Going My Way’ Oscar winnerCROSBY
‘No problemo’CANDO
Air rifle ammoBBSHOT
Animal pursued in the Calydonian HuntBOAR
Annual Florida football gameORANGEBOWL
Basics for beginning readersABCS
Bit of a chuckleHEE
Bones that parallel radiiULNAS
Boxy ToyotaSCION
Bread that might be seededRYE
Campus mil. groupROTC
Captain played by Pine since 2009KIRK
Carpenter’s cutterSAW
Caustic chemicalLYE
City southwest of BogotáCALI
Civil rights icon ParksROSA
Close to the hourTENOF
Come up againRECUR
Criminal court that was built over part of London’s former city wallOLDBAILEY
Cultural Revolution leaderMAO
Dench of ‘As Time Goes By’JUDI
Docs who deliver, or what this puzzle’s longest entries have in commonOBS
Domino spotPIP
Drama in which Tatiana Maslany plays multiple rolesORPHANBLACK
Easy to pick up, sayATHAND
Feature of some large kitchensISLAND
First host of ‘Family Feud’DAWSON
Forensic evidence collectorSWAB
Free TV adPSA
Gadget with earbudsIPOD
Give the cold shoulder toIGNORE
Go public withAIR
Great Salt Lake abundance, to a chemistNACL
Hindu classCASTE
Home of the Braves (abbr.)ATL
Hustle, quaintlyHIE
In-flight figsETAS
Is abuzzHUMS
Japanese soupMISO
Joule fractionsERGS
Judd of country musicNAOMI
Laura Bush’s brother-in-lawJEB
Like pawned itemsINHOCK
Line of work, brieflyBIZ
Maker of Beneful pet treatsPURINA
Mineo of ‘Rebel Without a Cause’SAL
Nabe south of PasadenaEASTLA
NFL ballcarriersRBS
Normandy landing spotOMAHABEACH
One with a subscription to the Met, probablyOPERABUFF
Pandora’s boxfulILLS
Part of C in C (abbr.)CDR
Photo lab abbrENL
Place for fuzzy navelsBAR
Plant with stickersNETTLE
Poetic feetIAMBI
Poker seed moneyANTE
Potato gadget that resembles a garlic pressRICER
Quaint cash register buttonNOSALE
Quentin Tarantino’s two-part martial arts filmKILLBILL
Rolled oats cerealMUESLI
Sick kid’s TLC giverDRMOM
Snowman’s neckwearSCARF
Sound from the bull penSNORT
Source of child support?KNEE
South American plainLLANO
State secrets?BLAB
That dude’sHIS
The Yoko of ‘Dear Yoko’ and ‘Oh Yoko!’ONO
Thomas More workUTOPIA
Toondom’s OliveOYL
Where ‘it’s all happening,’ per Simon & GarfunkelATTHEZOO
Where the floor is always wetOCEAN
___-Wan Kenobi of ‘Star Wars’OBI

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 16, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Bus Stop’ playwright WilliamINGE
‘Game of Thrones’ networkHBO
‘Gil ___’ (Lesage novel)BLAS
‘Sign me up!’IMIN
‘Star Trek’ creator RoddenberryGENE
‘___ on Main St.’ (1972 double album by The Rolling Stones)EXILE
1962 hit by The Four SeasonsSHERRY
30-Across cagerSPUR
32,000 ouncesTON
401(k) and 403(b)RETIREMENTPLANS
Actor LaBeoufSHIA
Amped up the effortTRIEDHARDER
AT&T Center, in San AntonioARENA
Backyard recreation (and a clue to the starts of 17-, 23-, 37-, and 45-Across)TIRESWING
Bad breakMISHAP
Bouncing off the wallsHYPER
Buck nakedBARE
Calculus calculationAREA
Cinque Terre localeITALY
Civil wrongTORT
Coffee break time, for someTENAM
Colin Kaepernick, for oneNINER
Compote component, perhapsPEAR
Cottage or bungalowABODE
Crookshanks, notablyCAT
Fancy spreadPATE
Fifth-century barbarianHUN
Flounder’s frat pal in ‘Animal House’OTTER
Forbidden City locationCHINA
Gives offEXUDES
Greek god of warARES
Harmless prankLARK
Harzer or LimburgerCHEESE
Hathaway of ‘Interstellar’ANNE
Hissy fitSNIT
Hitching post?ALTAR
Horse tradeSWAP
Hot dog toppingCHILI
It’s usually rightEAST
Items that may be pinned or piercedEARS
Kindle Fire alternativesIPADS
Lennon’s loveONO
Ligurian or IonianSEA
Like a World War II veteranOLD
Like many a teenager’s roomMESSY
Little piggiesRUNTS
Muscle injury, maybeTEAR
Neck and neckCLOSE
One of the Great LakesHURON
Onetime NATO targetUSSR
Part of mphPER
Patient recordCHART
Pulls downEARNS
Radiology pioneer CurieMARIE
Razor sharpenerSTROP
Repetitive procedureITERATION
Roger Moore or Sean ConnerySIR
Sharp as a tackSMART
She played Susan Delfino on ‘Desperate Housewives’TERIHATCHER
Short-legged houndBASSET
Sold-out lettersSRO
Stage designsSETS
Steady fellowBEAU
Style of Ice-T or Jay ZRAP
Sweeping shotPAN
Think tank outputIDEAS
Three sheets to the windDRUNK
Toy with a museum in Burlington, WisconsinTOP
Turned green, perhapsAGED
Used your scull?OARED
What a yenta yaks aboutDIRT
Where eagles care?NEST
Where the deer and the antelope playRANGE
___ Sports BureauELIAS

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 15, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Fatal Attraction’ husbandDAN
‘Finish,’ to sommeliersAFTERTASTE
‘___ Dos Fridas’ (Kahlo painting)LAS
Abandon, informallyDITCH
Associate withTIETO
Atlas Mtns. localeAFR
Author on Italy’s two-euro coinDANTE
Beanies and yarmulkesSKULLCAPS
Book jacket reviews, usuallyACCOLADES
By way of, old-styleTHRO
Carnival ride music, e.gLILT
Carpenter’s collapsible measuring gadgetZIGZAGRULE
Chophouse ordersTBONES
Concorde fleet, onceSSTS
Confucian ‘path’TAO
Conversational taboos, perhapsSORESPOTS
Creamy cheese made with remnants of mozzarellaBURRATA
Creator of laudatory linesODIST
Cries of disappointmentDRATS
Cruciform letterTAU
Dealt in stocksTRADED
Drosselmeyer’s godchild in ‘The Nutcracker’CLARA
Early surgery aidETHER
Eastern au pairAMAH
Father, to PhilippePERE
Flop’s oppositeHIT
Frosty the Snowman transformerHAT
Guffaw syllableHAR
HMO participantsMDS
Itinerary infoETAS
Looney Tunes ‘devil,’ casuallyTAZ
Many an ’80s ChryslerKCAR
Minister’s calling, with ‘the’CLOTH
Mother who hums to her offspringLLAMA
One in protective gear at homeUMP
Org. handing down rules for clubsUSGA
Oxonian’s ‘Outstanding!’CAPITAL
Performers who might pretend to be trapped in a boxMIMES
Place to detrain (abbr.)STA
Pol. affiliation of Teddy RooseveltGOP
Produce suddenlySPROUT
Punctuate a rapprochement, in modern lingoHUGITOUT
Rile upANGER
Run off at the mouthBLATHER
Scarf tucked into a bodiceFICHU
Second Amendment subjectMILITIA
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure with an extended armADAM
Sitcom featuring a voice-only doormanRHODA
Something metaphorically massagedEGO
Specialized jargonARGOT
State of ‘champagne wishes and caviar dreams’HIGHLIFE
Tenacious foe of Julius CaesarCATO
Texter’s roarLOL
The Big ___ (Shaquille O’Neal nickname)ARISTOTLE
Tony Shalhoub’s ‘Cars’ roleLUIGI
Transposing two numbers, sayMISDIALING
Wackford Squeers in ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ or Henry Brocklehurst in ‘Jane Eyre’HEADMASTER
Wag one’s finger atCHIDE
Welcome gift that may include dental flossLEI
What an echo on a recording may delineateAURALSPACE
Where Troy Aikman was a QBUCLA
Whodunit suspect, oftenHEIR
Wildlife photographer’s excursionSAFARI
Words indicating second thoughtsTHENAGAIN