Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - May 13, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘A Christmas Carol’ figuresGHOSTS
‘Desperate Housewives’ actress HatcherTERI
‘That’s it!’AHA
1492 vesselPINTA
1982 sci-fi movie with a 2010 sequelTRON
1998 action film with Robert De Niro and Jean RenoRONIN
Aquatic organismALGA
Ark groupingsTWOS
Christianize, slangilyCHURCHIFY
Colorado locale of the Silver Queen GondolaASPEN
Concert take for ‘The Next Time I Fall’ singer Amy?GRANTMONEY
Cut cornersSKIMPED
Driller’s goalOIL
Dynamic start?AERO
Elite British collegeETON
Financial advisor SuzeORMAN
Floating out thereASEA
Former Rocket YaoMING
French friendAMI
Fruit choice for ‘American Hustle’ actress Amy?ADAMSAPPLE
Grub for gold medal-winning gymnast Amy?CHOWCHOW
Happening nowAFOOT
Hardwood flooring optionMAPLE
Hotel workerMAID
In conflict with, with ‘of’AFOUL
Japanese soupMISO
Just someNOTALOT
Just someAFEW
Knock-down, drag-out affairMELEE
Language spoken in EspooFINNISH
Little rascalsIMPS
Markedly masculineMACHO
Military traineeCADET
Modern, in MünsterNEU
Norse war godODIN
One, in MilanUNO
One-named singer with the 2013 hit ‘Royals’LORDE
Out of sightGONE
Package abbrATTN
Plumb locoBATS
Pole-propelled punt in a Pingtan portSAMPAN
Postal deliveryMAIL
Relative of -esqueISH
Seasonal strainFLU
Short excerpt from author Amy’s ‘The Joy Luck Club’?TANLINE
Sinus docENT
Slow Churned brand in the frozen food aisleEDYS
Something to lend?ANEAR
Something to look up toSKY
Speaker’s spotDAIS
Stopped raining, perhapsCLEAREDUP
Summer drinksICETEAS
Summer plaintIMHOT
Swimming competitionMEET
Swish with mouthwashGARGLE
Tablets that might go on mountsIPADS
That is, in LatinIDEST
Tiny bitIOTA
Transcript statsGPAS
Union foeSCAB
Vehicle for ‘Crank’ actress Amy?SMARTCAR
Weasel outRENEGE
Wife of ZeusHERA
Winter hazardSLEET
Words found in biography titlesALIFE
Year in MadridANO

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