Friday, April 29, 2016

Washington-Post Daily Crossword - April 26, 2016

Clues                    Answers
‘Didn’t mean to do that!’OOPS
‘Good grief!’SHEESH
‘I highly doubt that!’ASIF
‘Nothin’ doin’!’UHUH
‘The Kiss’ sculptorRODIN
2003 holiday filmELF
Animal shelterLAIR
Arkansas neighbor (abbr.)OKLA
Asian title of respectSRI
Awning offeringSHADE
Banquet dispenserURN
Burpee productsSEEDS
Calligrapher’s needNIB
Caramel candiesROLOS
Coach to Payton and Dent in Super Bowl XXDITKA
Completed the course?ATE
Crack from drynessCHAP
Creative flashesIDEAS
Dirt spreader?YENTA
Driving need?TEE
Energy bar bitNUT
Feed a line toCUE
Fruity quaffsADES
Half a scoreTEN
Head strandTRESS
It offers hi-def resolutionBLURAY
Japanese veggieUDO
Jazz gpNBA
John who wrote ‘BUtterfield 8’OHARA
Keats or ShelleyODIST
Knotted neckwearASCOT
Koran focusALLAH
Like Wrigley’s wallsIVIED
Linen closet itemSHEET
Loses firmnessSAGS
Mammal related to the giraffeOKAPI
Matthews of ‘Hardball’CHRIS
Michelin offeringRADIALTIRE
Mined materialORE
Moral lapsesSINS
More virtuousPURER
Moscow military parade siteREDSQUARE
Nonnews pageOPED
Online music sourceITUNES
Paris’s ___ d’OrsayQUAI
Peace pactTRUCE
Pencil remnantSTUB
Piece of highway safety equipmentROADFLARE
QB’s blunderINT
Queen of OlympusHERA
Revolutionary pamphleteer ThomasPAINE
Sci-fi stapleALIEN
Scratching post userCAT
Seek redressSUE
Shrubby landscapeHEATH
Skater LipinskiTARA
Small and slender sliceSLIVER
Snorkeling spotsREEFS
Spots for mineral scrubsSPAS
They may be heard when a verdict is returnedOUTBURSTS
They may be tappedKEGS
Traveling expenseTOLL
Trilogy, oftenSAGA
Twilled fabricSERGE
Unstoppable processAGING
Upper crustELITE
Use for a feeRENT
Volatile conflagrationRAGINGFIRE
Word with legal or lilyPAD
Woven pieces on a porchRATTANFURNITURE

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